Next Generation Imaging for an Autonomous World

Powered by new types of vision sensors and AI, the perception systems developed by Kelzal produce 1000 times less image data, hyper-fast frame rate and wider dynamic range than conventional cameras.  Kelzal is enabling the next generation of autonomous vehicles, retail automation and security to become a reality.


Kelzal is located in San Diego, CA, one of the best cities to work, live and play in the US.

The company was founded by renowned physicist and computational neuroscientist, Dr. Olivier Coenen and is supported by a visionary engineering and business team with deep expertise in machine learning and computer vision systems.


Olivier Coenen, PhD.
Founder & CTO
Brain Corporation | Sony | Salk

Victor Chan
VP of Machine Learning


Board of Directors

Jim Disanto
Non-Executive Chairman
Motus Ventures | KonaWare (acquired by Yamei Electronics) |  Simplexity | Vicinity (VCNT)

Gioia Messinger
Independent Director
LinkedObjects, Inc. | Avaak, Inc (NYSE:ARLO) | Brain Corporation | UCSD


We’re Moving Fast

If you love machine learning, visual perception, data infrastructure, building amazing tools to direct systems, or designing high-performance real-time execution engines, then check out our career opportunities or drop us a line, and help us change the face of the world. We recognize and encourage innovation, passion, out-of-the-box thinking, and curiosity in all our employees.

Even if you don’t see a fit right now, we’re always interested in hearing from talented people who are interested in Kelzal. Drop us a line at jobs@kelzal.com we’d love to hear from you.

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